Sunday, April 20, 2014

Open on Easter Bunny Sunday + Chauffeuring Goats

Happy Easter Bunny Day! 

the shop is open, the sun is shining and the warmmmth is back. ran the Hop Hop 1/2 Marathon with my folks yesterday in rainbow tutu, polka dots and furry ears. my mom is AWESOME! she starts the lower chemo dose tomorrow through early july and our running & fun times continue. have a gorgeous spring Sunday, thanks for being so neat!!

+ Orchard Mason Bee Cocoons 50% off
+ Organic Baby Chicks peeping
+ Oodles of Seeds and Plants 
+ Farm Fresh Organic Eggs

Binga & Oona love riding to and from work.  Usually in the front seat, but sometimes snuggling in the back...

Their main days at the shop now are Fri, Sat & Sun, as they stay home days I run to work.  They have a LOT to say about how they'd love to be here every day with us.  Lots of goat hikeen adventures coming up as it keeps getting warmer and drier, great to get out on trails!  : )

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April's Fluffy Peepers are here!

Mary & Kate unload chicks with Naomi
Mamo & Kate with the baby chicks!

Breeds are: Ameraucana / Easter Eggers, Barred Rocks, Black Australorps, Buff Orpingtons, Cuckoo Marans, Delawares, Red Sex-Links, Rhode Island Reds, Salmon Faverolles
Pre-orders and Walk-ins: about 40 of you humans have pre-ordered chicks and we've brought in some extra peepers for those of you that want to call ahead or come on by.

Our next chick pre-order is mid May.

See you soon  : )

Sunday, April 13, 2014

80+ flats of plants just landed!

we could put all these plants away or...... Naomi & Tim are clearly not having any fun...... get back to werk kids!!  ; )

Friday, April 11, 2014

it's so sunny, you want to get blue

Naomi and Becca picked up a giant stash of FRUITY plants for you today + natives and flowering vines. 

150 Blueberries - in 4", 1 & 3, Figs, Lemon and Lime trees blooming and bearing, Evergreen Huckleberries, Star Jasmine, Passionflowers, Honeyberries, Olives, Jostaberries, Honeysuckle, Raspberries.... YUM

Early tomatoes are in for those with greenhouses or potting up in protected areas and so many veggies, herbs, flowers  + seeds = plenty of time for starting nearly everything.

From Uprising Seeds on 4/9: Do you know any of those people who sow everything SO early they get you all stressed that you are behind the ball? I hear so many people say its getting too late to sow peas this time of year, that they need to be sown in Feb or March. You may live someplace hotter, but up here in NW Washington where summers are cool, we haven't sown ours yet... just sayin. (and ours have to go all the way to dry seed). We will soon enough. Probably this week in fact. But some years we haven't sown them until early May, and you know what? we still ate lots of peas those years. Get them in soon if you can, in fact this sunny stretch we're having is a perfect time to sow them, but don't stress it if you don't get to it just yet. People who say things like "Its too late" aren't very helpful. They're wrong. You can tell them we said so.

Yay for very happy bees pollinating at our blueberry grower's farm  : )

Sunday, April 6, 2014

bushtits are awesome!

Mamo has Stage III, Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I love her more than mom, than best friend, as twin being. She just completed the 4th of 4 AC double dose treatments and we celebrated with Yellow this week and the sun came out! 
We are focusing on FUN TIMES (which include belts covered in rainbow trolls) & are open to all your ideas about fun events around town, movies, books, comedy, dance and for your smiles, hugs and remembering to love this life we've got & be super happy with each other. 
More on our adventures at bushtits are awesome blog.. Really excited for all the sunshine and warmth coming up. xoxox  Naomi

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Belmont Goats moving to Lents + WORMS

i been in thuh office cruncheen numbrs n collard stems and thanks to all yu humins, we're donateen $600 to Friends of Zenger Farm, from this past Sunday's sales, woo hooo!!

and this cool goat, Chester, from The Belmont Goats is rayseen money to move toLents by Zenger & the farmer's market!

we just donated, thayr giveen lots of treats - Indiegogo Fundraiser for Belmont Goats 

+ 10lbs of WORMS comeen in again on Saturday, April 5th

much loveens, oona bee riot (The Office Goat)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pullet Day + 10% to Zenger Farm Day!

Sunday 3/30/14: 

We are DONATING 10% of our total gross sales to Friends of Zenger Farm this Sunday.  Get your supplies and support this awesome non-profit farm's programs!! 
+ Pullet Day 2 - 4pm, teenage hens for sale here w/ a local breeder.  All cash sales directly between the breeder, first come first served.  Breeds = Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks, Black Sex-Links, Ameraucanas, possibly others and a few Bantams

A rainy weekend is a great time to prepare for the sunny ones ahead.  : )

(Farm Manager Sara Cogan & Executive Director Jill Kuehler with Duluth Trading)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Worms! Plants! Sssspppprrriiiinnnngggg!!!

Spring fever is in our blood.  Invigorating, bringing smiles and some good ol' dirt under our nails.  High may get up near 70 today.  We know it's a weather roller coaster and are savoring every bit of sun and warmth.

We've got red wiggler worms in and sooo many plants.  Fully stocked and happy to see you!  : )

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Potatoes, Asparagus + Teenage Hens

Pullet "Teenage Hen" Day 2 - 4pm today (2/23/14) and the last Sunday of each month, same time.  First come, first served and please bring cash to pay the breeder(s) directly.  Next Pullet Day is Sunday, March 30th from 2 - 4pm.

Potatoes and Asparagus Crowns have landed!  
Certified Organic Seed Taters: Yukon Gold, German Butterball, Viking Purple, Russet Norkotah, Yellow Finn, Dark Red Norland + FINGERLINGS: French, Red Thumb, Rose Finn and Russian Banana. CROWNS: Jersey Knight (organic) and Purple Passion (not-og). Onion Sets are enroute...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mason Bees, Chicks, Farmer Event + Stocked up for you!

OPEN  We are back to normal shop hours with temperatures back in the balmy 40's.  The snow was so fun and it will also be so fun to be warmer again.

BEES & CHICKS  Native Orchard Mason Bees, tubes, reeds and houses are here.  Baby chicks look like they'll land this are here, Wednesday 2/12/14.  And our warehouse, container, lot and shop are soooo stocked up for all of your winter and early spring needs and enjoyment.  See you soon!  : )

FARMERS  We are hosting a special event at night on February 20th here at the shop with Friends of Family Farmers and Rogue Farm Corps on the new Farmer Internship Program that may work for your farm.  To RSVP and for more info, please contact Stu with your farm information:  If you'd like to pick up supplies before it starts, you're welcome to place an order in advance as well so we can have it built and ready to load.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

ICE = Closed on Sunday 2/9 (games, puzzles, hot drinks!)

Many of you received an a Portland wide alert on your phones this morning to stay off the roads today.  The thawing, freezing and potential for more freezing rain, very dangerous falling tree limbs, possible power outages = stay cozy and warm inside, read, play games, eat delicious food.  OPEN again Tuesday, when we'll be back in the balmy 40's.

Got in a long, super fun snowy run on the Springwater trail and the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge trails in the freezing rain Saturday night, but while the snow was still crunchy enough, it was a blast.  It's been so fun to see and meet so many neighbors out walking together, cross country skiing, sledding, snowshoeing, running and snowboarding around.  Slowing down, smiling, having good times.

Check out these tips to help the wild birds around your home during this weather and tips about our year round Anna's Hummingbirds.  On the coldest day, I was home and heated up my hb feeder, 5 times and the male would just sit on a suet feeder a couple feet away, waiting for me to bring it back out.  The sparrows and juncos love the straw of the goat pen and I throw extra seeds on the ground for them (when the goats are in).

Friday, February 7, 2014

Snowy Wonderland = Open 10 - 2pm Friday 2/7 & Saturday 2/8

Adam will be here for you and your critters!
(he lives in close walking distance, yay!)

Please travel safely and nestle with a good book, furry animal and hot beverage if you can. Goaties are alternating between doing just that in the house with Naomi and getting outside to eat spruce and go on a snowy hike. Wild birds, wildly active!! Lots of suet, seeds and hummingbird feeders on hand. : )

Hopefully back to normal 10-6pm Sunday, but we'll see how the thaw and possible freezing rains go and we'll post any updates here if we need to + on our voicemail and la facebook.